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What is My Worst Fear? 


Just finished watching The Circle staring Emma Watson,  there was a scene where Emma was interviewed for a position at the circle.

During the scene there is one question which hit me hard in the core,


What is your worst fear?

Well,  conquering fear always excite me,  it just give me that shot of adrenalin rush,  the exhilaration is awesome. However,  it has been a quite some time since i last felt that,  maybe my life nowadays just a routine office works. Maybe I out of fears to face or maybe i am so overwhelmed by my fears that i denied of having one. Need to do some deep thinking and reflection on that.


Come to think about it,  I have to agree with Emma’s answer,  my deepest fear is UNFULFILLED POTENTIAL.


Well,  lets us work toward fulfilling our POTENTIAL because,  me personally don’t want to have any regrets in my deathbed and I believe that you would felt the same too…


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